Applications Of Imago In Organizations

Where can Imago take you?

Unlock a world of possibilities with Imago in your organization. Imago Facilitation goes beyond traditional solutions, offering a unique approach to address various challenges. From fostering leadership excellence and innovative thinking to promoting trust and collaboration, Imago is your key to achieving profound transformation. Explore the applications of Imago in organizations and discover how it can elevate your workplace to new heights.

Leadership and Skill Development

From the executive suite to the shop floor, develop a new breed of leadership.

Conflict Resolution

Address the root causes of workplace discord, internally and externally.

Innovation & Technology Ideation

Open the doors to unexplored opportunities and creative solutions.

Specific Uses

Root cause problem and risk analysis
Identifying implicit and explicit values
Stakeholder engagement and sales
Innovation and technology ideation
Reduce stress, lack of trust and anxiety – anxiety and pressure will inhibit the potential for development.
Increase eustress, safety, trust and fulfillment – increase growth and development.
Creative solution and thoughtful project and process planning – slowing down and stimulating thinking, increasing action at speed thereafter.
Self & Other Awareness - Knowing your people and the relational system – relational intelligence.
Skills development with accurate duplication and transfer
Collaboration – Inclusion and Diversity
Leadership development
Conflict resolution and relational repair (inside and outside the workplace)
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