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When relationships are unified, by appreciating the differences, the workforce is less polarised, as well as more poised and focused. Imago in the workplace teaches a powerful tool that enables individuals and teams to, ‘go slow, to go faster’. We are busy in our own minds and when we become curious and listen, rather than enabling a competitive finite environment, we unlock the opportunity for creative infinite environments. Individuals become empowered, fulfilled, and inspired, which assists to attract, retain, and grow your workforce.


Imago Facilitation empowers individuals by providing them with effective communication tools to express their thoughts and emotions, fostering a sense of confidence and self-assuredness in both personal and professional relationships.


Imago Facilitation helps individuals find fulfillment by enhancing their self-awareness, improving connections with others, and enabling them to lead more satisfying, purpose-driven lives.


Imago Facilitation inspires individuals to reach their full potential, encouraging creativity, collaboration, and innovation within teams and organizations, thereby fueling personal growth and professional excellence.

What they said?

"The sessions were delivered in very simple and practical ways and the tools I was introduced to have really enhanced my interactions with others - especially the IMAGO! Jodie checks in with me every now and then to find out whether I’m applying the tools and to check how things are going. Thank you, Jodie!"

Nana Ama Tenkorang
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