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Speak, be heard and mirrored

Imago professional facilitation is about harnessing collective potential, fostering deep listening (also known as, active listening or reflective listening), and promoting an organisational culture that is inclusive, innovative, and resilient. It is about transforming relationships, connection and achieving goals together. Learning and utilising the imago dialogue enables effective communication, integrated values, and an empowered workforce.

The process allows one to speak, be heard, and mirrored.

Harness Collective Intelligence

Imago fosters an environment that transforms relationships, elevating your team's effectiveness and unity.

Deep Listening

Create an inclusive, innovative, and resilient culture through active and reflective listening.

Cultural and Relational Transformation

Imago makes workspaces less polarized, by appreciating differences, meaning greater focus, as well as poised for success.

What does an Imago Professional Facilitator do?

An Imago Professional Facilitator teaches essential skills for enhancing relational competence, such as active listening and creating a safe, inclusive environment. Leveraging a well-defined model and deep understanding of human development, they guide clients through effective communication strategies to resolve issues and enable new possibilities.
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