Disconnected in a Connected World by Jiselle Saraghi

The Impact of Devices on Relationships In the age of technology, our lives are intricately woven with devices that promise constant connection. Yet, ironically, this digital tether often leads to a disconnection within our most intimate relationships. As we become entangled in the web of screens, swipes, and notifications, the art of being present with […]

How to Practice Forgiveness in Your Relationships by Mara Fisher

We all make mistakes in life; most people have regrets, and the power of forgiveness helps you move forward. This applies to all relationships, especially with your partner.  Holding grudges and hurling insults across a room during an argument won’t deepen your love. It will only create a deep divide between you and your partner. Learning to practice […]

What To Do When You Reach A Breaking Point In Your Marriage by Damien J Duplechain

There is a common misconnection when a couple reaches a breaking point in their marriage. They believe there are only two choices to make. The first choice is to continue living day in and day out in an unhappy home and unhappy marriage. The second choice is to leave the marriage, go your separate ways and file for […]

Family, Politics and the Holidays: 6 Tips to Avoid Family Stress and Enjoy the Holiday Season

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Six Healthy Communication Tips To Manage Relationship Conflict

Tip #1 – Avoid Using Terms Like Always and Never I advise couples not to allow a sentence to start with any of the following: That’s making a statement that excludes even one exception to the rule you’re trying to lay down. It may feel good to utter such sweeping judgments when you’re angry, but […]

Happy Marriage: Best Three Tips To Keep The Love Alive

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