Jodie, an Imago facilitator with a deep understanding of human behaviour, combines various theories to expedite growth. Her experience extends over 30 years in both personal and professional settings, where she’s facilitated Imago therapy in one-on-one executive and life coaching, workshops, and community engagements. Jodie’s sessions focus on the art of listening with curiosity, a skill pivotal in navigating deep-seated cultural issues and unlocking potential for personal and organisational growth. Her approach, grounded in practical tools, offers a dynamic pathway to addressing complex challenges, fostering a culture of strategic collaboration and inspired connection essential for sustainable development and transformation.

Jodie is not just an Imago facilitator; she embodies its principles in her daily life. In her household, a weekly family Imago session is a testament to her commitment. As her children navigate their teenage years, she uses Imago dialogue to understand their perspectives, fostering a space for discovery and curiosity rather than mere advice. This practice strengthens her bond with her children and maintains a deep connection with her partner, even as they grow their businesses. Jodie’s personal and professional life beautifully intertwines, demonstrating the transformative power of Imago Therapy in fostering inspired, meaningful relationships.

Association Of Imago Relationship Therapists Australia - AIRTA

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