In this eight week course you will nurture your own development as a parent while learning to promote emotional wholeness in your children. You will learn how to be more in tune with your child as you become more aware of your own relationship triggers. 

This course is based on the book Giving The Love That Heals by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD.  It incorporates Imago Relationship Theory with insights from the latest research into neuroscience and child development.

‘We are born in a relationship. We are wounded in a relationship.  And we can be healed in a relationship.’

Dr. Harville Hendrix

This workshop is the public face of Imago Relationship Therapy, an experiential intensive that provides the education and knowledge for understanding what is really happening in relationships, the tools to repair ruptures, while providing the skills and processes to build safety and to deepen connection.

Many couples find this a transformational experience, as they understand the notion that ‘conflict is actually growth trying to happen’ in the relationship, and as they work with intentionality to be become more conscious, they can create the relationship they truly want, with greater authenticity and vitality.

The workshop is based on Harville Hendrix’s and Helen La Kellys best-selling book, ‘Getting the Love You Want’ and was developed over a 16-year period and is offered around the world. In Australia GTLYW Workshops are currently facilitated a few times yearly on the Gold Coast, Sydney and Newcastle, and could also be available in Western Australia.

The workshop is seen as a valuable additional experience, along with undergoing private therapy with a professional Imago Relationship Therapist.

In the workshop we will help you:

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