In this eight week course you will nurture your own development as a parent while learning to promote emotional wholeness in your children. You will learn how to be more in tune with your child as you become more aware of your own relationship triggers. 

This course is based on the book Giving The Love That Heals by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD.  It incorporates Imago Relationship Theory with insights from the latest research into neuroscience and child development.

Workshops For Conscious Individuals and Singles

While you are single, why not learn as much as you can about yourself and prepare for a lasting relationship?  According to Harville Hendrix, who wrote the book on which this workshop is based, Keeping the Love You Find, a loving, lasting relationship is possible for all of us. 

This workshop will take you on a journey of self-discovery and help you understand your triggers and patterns.  It will help prepare you for a long-term relationship with the right partner.

Association Of Imago Relationship Therapists Australia - AIRTA

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