Getting The Love You Want

Getting The Love You Want

A Workshop for Couples
With Jiselle Saraghi

This workshop is designed for couples who want to deepen their connection and create a conscious, joy-filled partnership. It is also for couples exploring whether they should stay or go. It is for the two of you working together, without any pressure to share with the group.

Please note that this is not group therapy; it is a space for you to explore your relationship and learn new skills to help you sustain your love over the long haul.

The workshop was developed by Harville Hendrix, the author of Getting The Love You Want over 30 years ago and has been helping couples all over the world ever since. Whether you’re in Australia, America, France, or any country in the world, the workshop’s content remains the same. However, what sets each workshop apart is the unique flair and flavour that each facilitator brings to the table.

For more information, contact Jiselle at Marriage Counselling Gold Coast – Relationship Counselling (

Going to Jiselle’s Imago workshop, I’m truly pleased to say, shocked & surprised me in the best way possible! In our 37 years of marriage, I honestly felt my husband & I had nothing new to discover about each other, or even to learn about love & communication. Well I was wrong! The whole weekend we learned heaps & had fun too! Not only between ourselves but also sharing alongside with other couples as a group too.

It was fascinating to learn the mirroring technique of dialoguing & mindful listening, then repeating back what your partner had just spoken. To really see things from your partner’s perception, no second guessing, was a powerful eye-opener. This was a way that we could communicate better & ask questions of each other without having any doubts or anxiety to be open & vulnerable in a fully safe way. Jiselle was a wonderful supportive guide through it all. The way she listened to all of us & helped summarise our issues as we were learning, was so impressive!

A most impactful part for me, was discovering the reasons & importance of revisiting deeply hidden feelings & situations from early childhood memories.
To share these together, was quite the shockingly intense but insightful & deeply moving experience that opened new depths of connection & reached a whole other level of caring & understanding between us both.

What I loved most about the weekend workshop was rediscovering what my husband & I deeply felt & valued about each other. OMG I fell in love all over again! It was not only a wonderful confirmation to see things we were already doing successfully in our relationship, but going through the Imago tasks, stages & procedures with Jiselle’s caring guidance, explained the how & why we ended up together. It just made so much sense.

All in all – an amazing, fabulous, creative, impactful, workshop.!

Well done & thank you, Jiselle for all the extra Nurturing & Nourishing layers you’ve imparted to us both that we can continue on with into our future together.”

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Hourly Schedule

19 July 2024

4pm - 7pm
Day 1 Getting the Love you want
9:am - 6:00p,
Day 2 Getting the Love you Want
9:00am - 6:00pm
Day 3
Getting the Love you Want
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19 - 21 Jul 2024


9:00 am - 6:00 pm




Kirra Cultural Centre
Coolangatta, Queensland
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