A positive experience many years ago working with a skilled relationship therapist, inspired me to work with couples and pursue Imago Relationship Therapy.
The benefits I see in this unique and gentle therapy is the focus on positive re-connection. It uses safe communication techniques between the couple, as well as tools to resolve conflict and create a positive future together. The Imago space allows couples to express their feelings freely without the concern that conflict or upsets may get in the way. Additionally once the couple has learnt the Imago techniques they can use them in their own environment, independent of the therapist.
After decades of clinical experience I am able to weave other healing techniques into the Imago experience to enhance the results couples receive. I’m now able to offer what a wonderful relationship therapist once offered my husband and I. We share a successful relationship because of her assistance and because we actively use the Imago tools regularly. I feel blessed to be able to pass that gift onto other couples who are ready and committed to positively transform their relationship

Frankston South VIC 3199, Australia
Association Of Imago Relationship Therapists Australia - AIRTA

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