Imago therapy is a renowned process for building safety between couples, by providing a clear process for building connection and communicating through all aspects of relationship – appreciations, joyfulness, frustrations, expressing frustrations, and behaviour change requests.

Falling in love is easy! As time moves on, power struggles inevitably arise in relationships which can be challenging  when we neither understand what underlies the conflict nor have the skills to work through differences. Staying in love requires a conscious commitment to each other; navigating and reimaging the relationship as we move through the different life stages. Addressing skills  deficits, understanding the role of conflict in growth and infusing relationships with appreciation, and
joyfulness. When we understand the importance of conflict and navigating conflict, infinite possibilities arise for vitality in relationships.

Trained as a Clinical Psychologist and integrative wellness practitioner, Suzanne has a sound reputation for assisting individuals and couples to gain insight into their repeating patterns, and helping people develop their skills to deepen connections so life can be more joyful and meaningful. 

BA Psych (Hons) MPsych (Clinical),
Accredited EMDR Practitioner,
Imago Therapist
NES Health Practitioner

Eaton Western Australia, Australia
Association Of Imago Relationship Therapists Australia - AIRTA

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