Life is complex (and by now I’ve sampled a lot of it). As a fellow traveller, much of my work is aimed at ending aloneness by helping people improve their relationships (with themselves and others). Relationships with others are central to the quality of our lives and are often challenging, stretching us in ways we could not have anticipated. However, they are powerful vehicles for our healing and growth. Imago therapy offers an opportunity to heal old wounds and realize our potential. This often entails moving beyond the stuck places we find themselves in – and in the process, dealing with factors that have contributed to our difficulties or distress, while understanding and discovering more of ourselves and our aliveness. The aim is always to be able to engage safely, more fully and with greater satisfaction in this adventure called life despite our differences, and to learn and grow into all we can be.

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Association Of Imago Relationship Therapists Australia - AIRTA

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