Development For Advanced Clinicians

Level 4 Certification - Imago Leadership Development

Imago Professionals Certified at Level Four embody the leadership qualities for taking Imago beyond the therapy room to teach Imago to the public in workshop settings and to develop and train other Imago professionals. CLICK THE BOXES BELOW FOR REQUIREMENT DETAIL

Certified Workshop Presenter

Workshop Presenter Training for the Relationship Workshop: Getting the Love You Want. This course provides Advanced Clinicians with the knowledge and skills to present the Getting the Love You Want workshop. This course is devoted to personal growth work to help the participants move beyond their blocks and limitations to become the most present and connected presenters. It will consist of sharing the theory, illustrating with personal stories, doing brilliant demonstrations, and handling the many challenges of being a first-class Imago workshop presenter. Complete all thirteen days of training, receive feedback on two workshops given during the training, plus assist at three Getting the Love You Want Workshops. Characterological Growth is a required pre=requisite course. Optional: Additional 2 days to add the Keeping the Love You Find workshop plus attendance at a Keeping the Love You Find workshop.

Certified Imago Supervisor

The Imago Supervisor embodies the Imago theory when giving feedback to professional colleagues, in self-supervision. and to those seeking supervision from them. Part one covers the different aspects of supervision from a Relational Paradigm while bringing together Imago theory concepts such as lost parts as growth edges and how to work with our own lost parts in the process. Part two offers supervision to the supervisor on their developing skills giving feedback to others both in group settings and in one-on-one consultation.
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