‘Falling is love is the easy part, knowing how to be in a healthy relationship isn’t. We all get stuck and unhealthy reactions often take over’. – Philipa

Learn how to move past blockages in your partnership and rediscover your love for one another.

My joy is working with all couples to facilitate true growth, both personally and relationally. As a wife, partner and professional, I know first hand the benefit of good therapy.’

Philipa is the principal director of Marriage Works, Sydney Australia and runs Marriage Works and the Resource Centre with her husband Chris Paulin and has much experience working with clients who are experiencing relationship challenges.

Philipa specialises in Imago Relationship Therapy, Trauma treatment as well as Resource Therapy training and has formerly worked for the William Booth Institute of the Salvation Army, the NSW Health Department, Victims Services, The Langton Centre and also Relationships Australia.

31 Dutruc Street, Randwick NSW, Australia

Philipa's Posts

Six Healthy Communication Tips To Manage Relationship Conflict

Tip #1 – Avoid Using Terms Like Always and Never I advise couples not to allow a sentence to start with any of the following: That’s making a statement that excludes even one exception to the rule you’re trying to lay down. It may feel good to utter such sweeping judgments when you’re angry, but […]

Happy Marriage: Best Three Tips To Keep The Love Alive

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Philipa's Events

Certification Training Level 2

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