Brilliant at the Basics is a lively and interactive course of delving deeper into building our skills and deepening our processes of Dialogue. Stuck not using the Parent Child Dialogue (and all those other great processes?)… time to get unstuck! Our goal is that you leave this training with an expanded understanding of how and why to use different interventions at different times, and to support you in being creative within the structure of the dialogue process. We will sharpen your use of sentence stems and doubling to increase connection, safety, and forward movement with your couples. Together we will clarify and deepen the essential theory pieces that help keep you calm and connected to your couples…yes, all your couples! As you master the Imago ‘Basics’ we will now add the skills to become ‘Brilliant’ and trust the depth of the Dialogue process even more.

Main Points

  • Explore your beliefs about therapy and couples and their relationships.
  • Fine-tune the mandate for the therapy in the first session and for evaluating progress according to the stated desires of the couple.
  • Tools for deepening connection and “shallowing” affect are studied in more depth.
  • Increase your presence in your work with couples.

Learning Objectives

  • Deepen the dialogue process through advanced use of sentence stems, doubling, and focusing.
  • Apply integration of the four “meta theories” of Imago with the deepening tools.
  • Utilize the Parent-Child Dialogue and BCR processes.
  • Observe how, when, and why to best use each of the Imago processes

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