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Professional Trainings

Level 1

Imago Clinical Training

Modules 1 – 3 The Imago clinical training program prepares you for Certification as an Imago Relationship Therapist™ and supports all therapists in deepening their clinical skills within a Relational Paradigm. The clinical training program consists of three modules of four days or 32 course hours each*. The modules are scheduled with several months in […]
Level 2

Imago Certification Training

CERTIFIED IMAGO CLINICAL RELATIONSHIP THERAPIST (CIT) Certification phase is based around a six-month program of supervision which prepares for submission of a final clinical video for evaluation as well as written reports. Continuing Education Credits And Tuition: Imago Continuing Education is required every two years.
Level 3

Characterological Growth

Parts Work For Relationships Advanced Course The purpose of being alive is not to be forever happy. That is impossible. The purpose is to rock between the pain of the past and the promise of the present and be in the present more and more of the time, and to be able to share all […]
Level 3

Brilliant At The Basics

ADVANCED CLINICAL SKILLS, CORE ADVANCED COURSE Brilliant at the Basics is a lively and interactive course of delving deeper into building our skills and deepening our processes of Dialogue. Stuck not using the Parent Child Dialogue (and all those other great processes?)… time to get unstuck! Our goal is that you leave this training with […]
Level 3

The Attuned Therapist

WORKING WITH REACTIVITY AND RESISTANCECORE ADVANCED COURSE This course is designed to teach therapists how to use their own centered, embodied, and attuned presence to meet a couple or client where they are and bring the structure to them in an attuned, safe way. As therapists we expect a little chaos. However, there are couples […]
Level 3

From Despair To Repair

WORKING THROUGH BETRAYALCORE ADVANCED COURSE In the face of a couple’s crisis, there are three different perspectives for the therapist to consider: The first perspective works for, and from, the ‘between’ of the relationship – the focus is on the interpersonal; the second, use relational neuroscience as a map for inner attunement; and the third, […]
Level 3

Giving And Receiving Love

LIVING WHOLEHEARTEDLYCORE ADVANCED COURSE The fundamental dilemma of all human relationships is this: Why is it so hard to give and receive love when we need to feel connected? Our survival directive is to cooperate and maintain our attachments. To better understand both dilemma and the solution, we will explore the “software” for both survival […]
Level 3

Journey Of Change

SPECIAL TOPIC ADVANCED COURSE Imago Master Trainer, Maya Kollman, and Senior Clinical Instructor, Sophie Slade, developed this course a few years ago when they were grappling with the challenges that couples face when trying to make the changes they have committed to in the Behavior Change Request Dialogue. Sophie and Maya had noticed, as had […]
Level 3

Sex, Sensuality And Imago

A JOURNEY INTO THE MYSTERY OF SEXUALITY AND SENSUALITY WITHIN THE IMAGO RELATIONAL PARADIGM DAY 1 Agenda Day 1 focuses on what every Imago therapist needs to know about how to relate to the sexual issues our couples grapple with to determine what is appropriate for our office and what situations indicate the need to […]
Level 3

Connected Parents, Thriving Kids

SPECIAL TOPIC ADVANCED COURSE Based on the book Giving the Love That Heals by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, the Imago parenting program, “Connected Parents, Thriving Kids,” applies the Imago Dialogue process and Imago theory to the practical and challenging situations that occur with children. With the understanding that behavior is need driven, therapists, […]
Level 3

The Relational Self

WORKING WITH INDIVIDUALS IN THE RELATIONAL PARADIGM Most people who want a committed relationship look for the ideal partner match. They have limited or no understanding that the person they select and the relationship they have is influenced by their early life experience and the formation of their character defenses. This course will greatly deepen […]
Level 3

Growing Into Competence In Imago

SPECIAL TOPIC ADVANCED COURSE This course starts by exploring participants’ personal experiences, unmet needs, and adaptive strategies around developing competence in childhood and at other critical points in life. We explore how we can fine-tune the supervision process to respond to therapists’ particular adaptive styles. In Imago Theory, we explore how wounding in developmental stages […]
Level 3

Imago Through A Developmental Lens

SPECIAL TOPIC ADVANCED COURSE Through a review of Imago Developmental theory, videos, role-plays, case studies, and discussions, participants deepen their understanding of the first four developmental stages of Attachment, Exploration, Identity, and Competence. Wounding, unmet needs, and adaptive strategies from childhood experiences can manifest in the adult couple relationship. It gives therapists a sense of […]
Level 4

The Art Of Imago Supervision Training

Part 1 of 2 The Imago Supervisor embodies the Imago theory when giving feedback to professional colleagues, in self-supervision, and to those seeking supervision from them. Deepen your integration of the relational paradigm.  NOTE: After completing this 3-day Advanced Imago Supervision training, participants have the option to continue on to become Certified Clinical Imago Supervisors. See […]
Level 4

The Art Of Imago Supervision Certification

After completing the 3-day advanced training, The Art of Imago Supervision, participants have the option to continue further to become Certified Imago Supervisors (CIS).*  During this period of supervision (typically over the course of six months) the consultant will practice the supervision skills learned in the 3-day class and supervise individuals, groups, and assist a clinical instructor […]
Level 4

Workshop Presenter Training

This course provides Advanced Clinicians with the knowledge and skills to present the Getting the Love You Want workshop. The course is devoted to personal growth work to help the participants move beyond their blocks and limitations to become the most present and connected presenters. It will consist of sharing the theory, illustrating with personal […]
Level 5

Becoming An Imago Certified Clinical Instructor

The Imago Faculty began as Harville’s apprentices in the 1980’s. Maya Kollman is the last of those who trained with that special cohort, honored with the title Imago Master Trainer. Those Certified Clinical Instructors with sustained involvement with the faculty and who have consistently trained over twelve years are honored with the title of Certified Senior Clinical Instructor or Senior Faculty.  Those who are recognized as […]
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