Imago Clinical Training

Level 1

Modules 1 – 3

The Imago clinical training program prepares you for Certification as an Imago Relationship Therapist™ and supports all therapists in deepening their clinical skills within a Relational Paradigm.

The clinical training program consists of three modules of four days or 32 course hours each*. The modules are scheduled with several months in between to enable trainees to practice with clients and prepare recordings of practice sessions. See Level 2 for the additional steps required for certification.

*Course structure and how the hours are delivered may vary slightly according to instructor, country and the delivery method (online or in person).

What are the requirements to register for this training?

The trainee will work with couples in a clinical setting and be qualified and allowed by law to to clinical work depending on the state, province, or country of their residence.

  • Agreement signed with Imago International Training Institute (IITI) regarding training materials, logo, advertising, and titles.
  • Application
    • CV or resume
    • Copy of malpractice insurance and license or authorization to do clinical work with couples


Learning Objectives

  • Learn the Imago dialogue skills and processes that create connection, safety, and transformation in intimate, committed relationships
  • Learn the four theories that provide insight into attraction, conflict and change in relational dynamics
  • This training will help you as a therapist gain practical clinical skills
  • Experience Imago’s safe supervision process to increase your clinical competency and confidence in working with couples
  • Learn about your own family and romantic relationship dynamics

After This Training, Participants Will Be Able To

  • Name the four stages of a relationship
  • Be effective at facilitating the dialogue steps of mirroring, validation and empathy
  • Demonstrate the skills and processes to work with reactivity
  • Discuss that relational impact of developmental stages, unmet needs and character adaptations
  • Explain the role of neurobiology in conflict and connection
  • Discuss how lost, denied and shadowed parts of the self impact attraction, partner selection and conflict
  • Discuss the role of the “Imago match” in attraction, partner selection, and conflict
  • Use tools to manage our own reactivity and challenging feelings that arise when working with couples
  • Apply Imago theory and the concepts above to your personal journey in relationships

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