Sex, Sensuality And Imago

Level 3


DAY 1 Agenda

Day 1 focuses on what every Imago therapist needs to know about how to relate to the sexual issues our couples grapple with to determine what is appropriate for our office and what situations indicate the need to refer to a certified specialist in the field of sexuality. We look at an Integrated model of sexuality and the medical, psychological, and relational causes of sexual challenges in couple relationships. We also focus on the stages of arousal and the challenges associated with each stage. We practice doing a sexual assessment interview using three case studies to make an informed decision.

DAY 2 Agenda

Day 2 looks at the sexual relationship through the lens of the Imago theory of the Psychological Journey – the unmet needs and adaptive strategies at each developmental stage. We explore how these adaptations play out in the bedroom in positive as well as conflictual ways. It provides therapists with a perspective for understanding what might be underneath the specific presenting issues and how we can use and adapt our Imago structure to support healing and growth in this sensitive area, going beyond verbal forms of dialogue into more tactile ways of connecting. We role-play couples challenged in their sexual relationship at the different developmental levels and how to work effectively with them. We will also examine our blocks and barriers in dealing with the topics of sex and sensuality in the office.

DAY 3 Agenda

Day 3 looks at the Journey of Socialization and how the repressive social messages we receive can impact our sexuality. We practice Lost and Denied -self Dialogues to explore and grow back into these aspects of the Missing Self. We also explore a variety of Imago based practices and processes to enhance a couple’s sexual enjoyment and design the sexual relationship they both want to experience.

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